Building on a foundation of more than a century of expertise in German precision engineering, ZETTLER GROUP is a world-class enterprise, engaged in the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of Electronic Components. Our industry leadership is based on a unique combination of Engineering Competence and Global Scale.


ZETTLER GROUP's diversified product lines are designed to provide complete solutions for component applications across a broad spectrum of industries.


global network

With a global network of operating companies established across many parts of the industrialized world, we are not only present in low cost manufacturing geographies, but also have the ability to provide customer focused solutions in local proximity to the industrial and commercial markets we serve.

Core Values

The group's worldwide leadership and its international and local teams are committed to important  Core Values:

  • Highest design and engineering standards, uncompromising product quality, and strict quality control.
  • Competitive pricing - enabled by state-of-the-art production technology, cost effective manufacturing locations, production scale, and world-class supply chain management.
  • Highest standards in customer solutions, and highly responsive sales and distribution services.