europe-image-1Located near Munich, Germany – ZETTLER Electronics GmbH services the European markets, and operates through a comprehensive network of distributors across nineteen countries, including all key markets of the European Union, Scandinavia, Israel, and Turkey. The company also operates ZETTLER Electronics, Poland.

ZETTLER Electronics Europe provides highly specialized product development competence to ZETTLER Group in Relay applications for the solar inverter and electro-vehicle industries along with application-engineering, sales, distribution, and customer service for a wide variety of other high-quality electronic components, catering to customers in both industrial and consumer applications.

Products include a comprehensive range of solar, EV and other electro-mechanical relays, distribution lines of MOS Relays, Reed Relays, Potentiometer, Encoders and Detector switches.

Applications for ZETTLER Electronics Europe PCB Relays span across a wide spectrum, ranging from Solar (transformer-less inverters) and EV charging devices,  to Industrial Control Units, and Test Systems for cables, backplanes as well as electric and electronic functional sub-assemblies, as well as applications like HVAC-, photovoltaic-, welding- or industrial crane-technology. Reed Relays are found in ATE systems.

ZETTLER Electronics Europe markets a broad range of high quality ZETTLER Displays, including character and graphics LCD modules, custom glass, color TFTs, and resistive as well as projective capacitive touch panels. We offer options for customization and special sizes/colors to accommodate specific customer requirements for all our products. In addition, the company offers a suite of value-added and system integration services designed for the industrial OEM market, ranging from backlight enhancements to custom enclosures, open frame solutions and optical bonding.

A full line of Zettler Thermostats and Temperature Controls is designed for applications such as small appliances, heaters, refrigerators or freeze protection, HVAC and industrial equipment.

Zettler Magnetics Europe provides application-engineering, sales, distribution and customer service for a range of top quality transformers and magnetics components, catering to customers in diverse industries and applications. The product lines include encapsulated switch-mode power supplies, epoxy sealed power transformers ,ferrite switching transformers, open frame power transformers, toroids, current sense transformers and inductors.