new-energy-image-1Innovation and leading-edge product development have always been a hallmark of Zettler Group’s engineering competence.

During recent years, this has been particularly evident by our leadership role in providing application solutions in the field of Alternative and Renewable Energy and by developing electromechanical components for these specific types of applications.

As the deployment of solar and other alternative energy technologies continues to grow globally, Zettler’s NEW ENERGY SOLUTIONS division is committed to supporting customers in renewable energy industries around the world, with first-class engineering and by leveraging Zettler Group’s worldwide production and distribution resources.

We continue to be actively engaged in developing next-generation components for future PV/Solar, e-mobility and other alternative energy applications to solidify and expand our market leadership in these important high-growth product segments.

Zettler Solar Relays


Solar Inverters convert DC power output coming from photovoltaic (PV) panels into AC current that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid. In the interface to the power grid, electromechanical AC relays play a critical role as switching devices and to provide necessary safety “circuit-break” functions.

As PV power applications proliferate from micro-inverters, to string inverters, to commercial and utility-scale PV systems, we have continuously expanded our line of solar relays.

Zettler AC side Solar Relays are suitable for a range of PV inverter applications from under 20kVA to over 110kV,. and can handle max. switching currents from 12 A to 160A ,featuring contact gaps from 1.5 mm to 4.6 mm. They are fully compliant with all pertinent safety standards such as IEC 62109 and carry the required UL/CUR/VDE/TUV approvals(see Solar Relay Product PDF)

These state-of-the-art Zettler components have been successfully integrated into many solar inverter applications, and have been used by market-leading producers of PV systems since many years.

On the DC side of PV applications, Zettler’s AZSR1100 (60VDC, 100A) relay is suitable to be integrated into PV systems to switch the DC voltage and current from a battery back-up system.

Zettler Electric Vehicle Charging Relays

new-energy-image-4Zettler’s innovative technology and design approach in developing solar relays have also proven to be particularly applicable to switching and safety solutions for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Devices. (see e-mobility product PDF)


European designed Zettler EV Relays are integral parts of In-Cable Control and Protection Devices (IC-CPDs) for electric vehicles developed and built by leading European car manufacturers. They meet stringent relevant safety standards for e-mobility such as IEC 62752.

Alongside Zettler EV Relays, these in-cable control and protection devices – and also certain European charging stations – feature AC-Current- Sense-Transformers produced by Zettler Magnetics.


In addition, years of development work in the industrial relay sector have yielded a number of Zettler Power Relays that comply with critical North American Level 1 and Level 2 UL 2202 standards for Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE).

new-energy-image-7For portable EV chargers (Level 1 applications) Zettler’s AZ 2800 or AZ 2705 relays are the perfect choice. AZ2800, for example, has a 30A@277VAC contact rating and a UL508 recognized 5kA SCCR rating– passing the critical UL 2231-2 overload requirement.

For Level 2 applications such as fixed EV loading stations or fleet- EV loading solutions Zettler offers its AZPRD relay that has ratings up to 50A@277VAC in addition to having a UL recognized 5kA SCCR rating. Featuring both AC and DC coils, fully factory-adjustable springs and contact gaps, the AZPRD is a highly flexible component for various Level 2 charging designs. These Zettler EVSE relays have standard or optional Class F construction to minimize internal heating effects.